Taiwan Orchid Plantation

Taiwan’s Roots Spread over the Globe

Taiwan is considered as one of the origins of orchid growing. Orchids are best grown in a warm climate with adequate sunlight. Tainan County not only matches all the needed ecological elements for growing high-quality orchids, but also possesses traditional breeding cultures. Tainan County is an important base for orchid plantations. Its production covers 41.9% of overall orchid growth in Taiwan. Combining production management with research abilities from Taiwan’s orchid plantation business, Tainan County Magistrate Su Huan-Chih(蘇煥智)initiated the establishment of “Taiwan Orchid Plantation”(TOP). Executive Yuen has prioritized TOP in the “Challenge 2008-The Six-Year National Development Plan”. With support from the government and academic researchers, TOP utilizes their superior techniques in growing orchids to create the state-of-the-art orchid production lines. TOP strives hard to gain greater international market shares and broader global recognitions.


TOP has 200 hectares in size. TOP is located County 172 in Houbi, Tainan County, between Sinying Township and Baiher Township. Highway 1 is 9km away from TOP. Highway 3 is only 6 km away. The distance between Chiayi Airport and TOP is just 15 km.  The accessible location gives TOP advantages to distribute products faster and provides competitive competence in the global market.

Construction Timetable

TOP takes 6 years(2002-2007)to build. The development is divided into different phases including the planning stage and stages one through five.

Planning phase(2002)

The research team initiated evaluations and analysis on the possibilities of building TOP.

Phase One(2003)

23 hectares of land is constructed. Detailed interior planning is completed. The first stage of development started including laying of the foundations,  the Administration Center, 3 standard-sized greenhouses, 2 large-sized greenhouses, the first development stage for environment-friendly power center and the International Exhibition Center for Flowers.

Phase Two(2004)

34 hectares of land is constructed. Second stage of development begins, including the laying of the foundations, the orchid arboretum and the second development stage for the environment-friendly power center.

Phase Three(2005)

TOP continues constructions in setting up flood control measures, and building parking facilities. In addition, TOP starts construction stages 3-5, export business division proposal, and thoroughly analyzes data from orchid marketing researches. Third round of campaigns for recruiting investors and clients is continuing.

Phase Four- Five(2006-2007)

TOP constructs additional 143 hectares of land. Stages 3 and 4 of construction begin. High quality production fields for export sales are built. TOP successfully sets up the state-of-the-art system for classifying different grades of orchid productions, increases packaging efficiency and improves its inspection quality. TOP continuously strives to improve higher production quality and to explore more markets globally.


Tainan County government owns the legal and construction rights of TOP exclusively. TOP encourages general public to participate in bidding on TOP’s future construction contracts.